Globoscuro + MoreBlackThenGod - Multi​-​Orgasmic Neuroptera

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Globoscuro + MoreBlackThenGod - Multi-Orgasmic Neuroptera 2017

Globoscuro’s Biography : Emiliano Pietrini is a composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Livorno (Italy) in 1973. In 2001, together with Fabrizio Barsanti, he founded and conceived the experimental musical project "Globoscuro", an emotional sculpture through the notes that molds and carves, like a river of lava, elements and influences of various kinds and genres. As Globoscuro he published 26 albums (some of them in collaboration with other artists) and took part in numerous compilations and collaborations with other artists for theater, live performances, art exhibitions, artistic events, videoart and short Movies. He is also co-founder of the net-label Hortus Conclusus Records.



MoreBlackThenGod’s Biography : Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Chicago, Berlin) also releases as (*MoreBlackThenGod *** Drone Messiah *** The S&M Trio) - Founder & Artistic Director at Hortus Conclusus Records, Friends of Sagittarius Records and Galerie S&M. The improviser composer employs his signature “accidental guitar” method on music of haunting, sonically jarring loops. At times cavernous and resonant as a cathedral, his recordings explore the depths of the drone, exploiting glitches and mutating overtones into chorus-like swells, mechanical revolutions and washes of beaded static. These meditations upon cyclical time and the ubiquity of the elements seek to elevate our natural world to pure and infinite tonality, soaring above us like mass aural hallucinations. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt continues to blur the line between improvisation and composition, using chance as the foundation of loops and drones that fill space and seemingly expand time.



from Anti f​:​Orm compilation volume 3, released June 23, 2017




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